Visitor Information:

Abu Dhabi International Fine Art and Antiques Fair presents the finest collections of art and antiques from around the world and the UAE:

Participating galleries and dealers presenting their collections include:

Amal Star Antiques, Dubai, UAE - Islamic Art and Asian Antiques

Contempo Corporate Art, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Ibero-American Contemporary Art

Atrium Antiques and Interiors, Cairo, Egypt - Decorative Antiques and Interior Design

Khadija Hamdi, Sidi Bov Said, Tunisia - Art and Antiques

Galerie Michel-Guy Chadelaud, Paris - period furniture and paintings;

Centro Antiquario Romano di Roberto Parenza, Rome - Old Master paintings, bronze sculpture and period furniture;

Classe Casa, Piedimonte San Germano, Italy - Interior Classic Architecture and Design

Khadija Hamdi, Sidi Bov Said, Tunisia - Art and Antiques

Morikuma Arts, Tokyo, Japan - Samurai Armour, Netsuke, Inro, Maki-e, Metals

Charles Sakre, Paris, France, - Old Masters, European Furniture

Tradigital Stuttgart GmbH. Stuttgart, Germany - Art Prints

Galleria Pasti Bencini, Florence - Old Masters, 19th and 20th century paintings;

Galerie St. Jacques, Brussels - Contemporary art.

Joseph Schuetz Art & Antiques, Vienna - Contemporary art and decorative antiques;

Luigi Colasanti, Rome - Old Masters, European furniture, bronzes and ceramics;

Romana Antichia di Marco Parenza, Rome - antiques and works of art;

Paola Cipriani, Rome - works of art, fine furniture and the Decorative Arts.

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Original and Authentic Exhibits
Collectors and art connoisseurs are guaranteed that their purchases are original and authentic as each exhibit on display at the fair will have been passed for quality and authenticity by the fairís Standards Committee.

The Standards Committee is an independent group of experts who will review each piece prior to its display at the fair and will maintain strict standards of excellence. Click here for further information about this process.